June Wrap Up

Greetings from Scoutable and welcome to our June Wrap Up.

We hope you're all keeping warm during these cooler months. Is it really tax time already??

For all our investor friends, find a link below to a great article with some hot tips relating to your investment property at tax time. As a few minor adjustments have been made, it might be worth a read and/or talking to a tax professional.

As mentioned in our recent budget breakdown newsletter, July 1 will bring some changes to the property market.  It will be very interesting to see how the sub $800,000 market is affected with the changes to stamp duty for first home buyers. Will properties just increase in purchase price by the stamp duty concessions? Or will the grant give first home buyers an edge over investors? Time will tell. Further, will the new taxes and changes made to foreign ownership ease the affordability issues in Sydney.


If you're thinking of buying or investing in Australian property, get in touch to learn about Scoutable services and how we can assist with your property search.

Till next month,
Kellie Landrey | Principal Buyers Agent

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