Scoutable Helps You


Buying property can be hectic – talking to agents who are focused on the seller, trying to suss out hidden information, trawling property databases and physically inspecting properties in your spare time. Not to mention months of worrying about negotiations and auctions. 

Why go it alone on one of the biggest investments of your life? Engage Scoutable and Principal Buyer’s Agent Kellie Landrey for a simple, streamlined approach to buying your dream home or investment property.

Scoutable will keep you calm through the buying process, providing you access to industry knowledge including market value, contacts (mortgage brokers, lawyers, insurers), and silent listings (properties not going to market). The main reason people over-spend on property is by letting their emotions get in the way. Kellie takes a no-nonsense approach to negotiating to ensure you stay within the limits of your budget and get the best price for your property.

We specialise in buying property for both local and international buyers. 
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