Scoutable specialises in helping Austalian expats, first time movers and foreign buyers find the property that suits their brief best, whether it be an investment or home. There are multiple factors to consider as an overseas buyer – location, property prices and the way in which realtors operate. Scoutable is on your side and will guide you through the process to make sure the end result is a success – offering an unbiased view on whether a property matches your brief and budget. We offer various levels of service, including the Full Scout, Semi Scout and Auction Scout.


  • Access to our broad network meaning inside information on the local property market/s and agent network
  • Access to on and off-market listings so you'll see properties before local buyers even know they're up for sale
  • A sound knowledge base backed by research and databases so you have the right information to make your decision
  • Expert negotiation skills to get you the best price before others have a chance to bid
  • An unbiased view on properties and deep local knowledge

We will only show your properties which are legal to buy. Get in contact and one of our agents will talk you through the process.

Expat buyers 

Beyond matching your brief and finding your dream home or investment, we can talk you through mortgage options and put you in touch with people who can help from reputable companies.

Note: There are no restrictions on expat buyers – you will not need approval from the Financial Investment Review Board (FIRB) to buy. 

First time movers
to Australia

As a temporary resident, you will be able to buy, but there are several conditions including it being your primary residence, not taking any rent and selling it within three months of your visa expiring or you leaving the country. 

Note: FIRB approval is needed before a property can be purchased. We can talk you through associated costs.

Foreign investment buyers

The types of property foreign investors can buy is regulated by the FIRB. Their aim is to ensure all foreign investment benefits the local economy, by raising revenue and adding to the housing stock.

We will guide you and put you in touch with relevant contacts to make the process simple and effective, ensuring you reach your objective, whether it be capital growth, a reliable cash flow or both.

Note: Dependent on location there are additional costs including a higher stamp duty and application fee for FIRB approval.